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As an Instagram junkie, one of my favorite things about the app is the instant inspiration fix it gives! I love scrolling through & seeing all the creativity that my IG friends come up with daily, and it ALWAYS ignites my own creativity to kick in to high gear! I also love to hear from my followers when I do somethingthat provides inspo for them, too. Case in point… my good friend Elke @l_ki__ . She was inspired by the triangle wallpaper in my entryway & decided to make a stencil that would give her the same wallpaper look. And now…. without further delay…. let me introduce you to the super talented Elke, and let her take over my blog to give some ROCKIN’ how-to tips on creating your own custom stencil!

So here is my little DIY:

Step 1
First chose a simple pattern for your DIY wallpaper stamping project. I decided to create a simple but although fabulous triangle pattern like on Jens beautiful wallpaper in her entrance.

Step 2
You need a piece of foam to cut out your stamping template. I used a special foam block for dry flower arrangements because this is easy to cut.
(I don’t know if or where you can buy this in the US. In Germany we use this for flower arrangements. There are two types: for fresh & artificial flowers. The foam block for artificial flowers is better because it’s a little bit stronger.)
But maybe you can use any other foam like a seating foam or another polyurethane foam also.

Step 3

Print & cut out your chosen pattern and draw the outline on the foam. Also mark everything on the foam which needed to cut away later.

Step 4

Use a very sharp cutter or knife to cut the template out of the foam.

Step 5

Now you can bring on any wall color of your choice on your foam. Maybe you try the fist stamps on a sheet of paper before you go over to your wall.

You don’t have to brush on the color every time. I did this after 5-6 stamps. I think especially the uneven appearance creates a very unique result.

Happy stamping!!


Thank you so much, Elke, for the awesome ideas!!!! Now, if you’re reading this, go forth & conquer! Take control of that boring little hallway that’s begging for attention… or create a focal wall in your bedroom, bathroom, or even your entryway to create a personalized look of your own!

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