Jens Top Hints for creating a Boholicious space!

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Jens Top Hints for creating a Boholicious space!!

Are you a Boho-abode-loving babe???!!! If you’re here with me reading this...then that answer is obvs YAS! I mean..what’s not to love??!! The plants...the textiles....the layers....the color....we’ve got it all! So what do you need to create that perfect boholicious space ? The answer lies within you my friend. Boho is all about personalization. All YOUR favorite things blended together to make a cozy, collected space that tells the story of YOU! But if you’re looking for a little help to get started, you’ve come to the right place, Gorgeous! Let’s DO THIS!

Mkay.... first off...where are your planties???? Do you have any???? If you’ve been too scared to take the plunge into #plantmom life... don’t be scared. Here’s a quick guide to the plants that take the longest time to die. Ready?!! Here we go....

1Snake plant. Perfect for those forgotten corners that you’ll also frequently forget to water. It’s tough as nails.... and drought tolerant.

2 ZZ Plant. It’s literally one of my faves. It’s leaves are so graphic and pretty and it gives a little height to a coffee table or even a mantle! And the greenery is deep and lovely. So earthy. So much YAS.

3 Pothos or Devil’s Ivy. It’s long stems can grow up to 8ft or more and fills a spot so beautifully! It doesn’t mind being forgotten about every once in a while. And give those stems a haircut a couple times a year to keep it full. I mean... who doesn’t need to keep those ends trimmed?!! Nobody like straggly ends. True story.

4 Ponytail palm. I literally love this guy. It’s adorable in a little pot & always makes me smile when I walk by it! A little water now & then & whisper sweet nothings to it, & you’ve got one happy little plant baby! Ok! Those are a few have no excuse! Go to Home Depot & get yo self some planties!

NOW....Fill all the open spaces you see with plants. Just do it. You’ll feel like you live in the garden of Eden ....and let’s be honest, you know you walk around naked there when no one else is home . So come on....Plants are awesome, Eve. It’s the apples you gotta watch out for.

Now let’s see....natural elements reign supreme in a boholicious pad. How do bring the outside in?!! Think about adding a wooden stool or bench to your entry or living room. An oversized wooden bowl on the coffee table could make thee perfect place to hold a succulent or even disco balls! And YAS! Disco balls are a THING! Amazon is an awesome place to score a quick set of sparkly balls. I know... just go ahead and chuckle. It’s funny. ANYWAY!....grab a disco ball & stick it in direct sunlight’ll thank me later. Back to natural elements...even bunching beautiful sticks from your yard with rope or twine makes a beautiful wall decor statement. You can hang it over a window or set on top of your mantle or even place inside a chunky vase for height. Tres boho-chic!

Another sweet way to boho-up your space is with layers. Vintage textiles including mudcloth, kilim pillows or rugs... it’s all so good! Layer them on your bed, your couch, or even oversized pillows on the floor will totally give that relaxed tone. I’ve even taken a beautiful Turkish kilim 3by5 rug on a dowel & hung it above my non-working fireplace. It’s all about the texture, babes. Have fun with this one because there’s no rules. Pick textiles that make you happy & layer away!

Ok.. next up... wall decor. Do have an empty little wall that makes you sad whenever you walk by??? Don’t be sad!!! Make a gallery wall worth doing a happy dance over! Fill that wall from floor to ceiling with a mix of thrifted pictures or interesting finds that will make your friends think, “DANG GIRL! You so brave! “ If gallies aren’t your thang, get a cool stencil and cover the whole wall or better yet... try a removable wall paper! Then you can change it up whenever you feel like it! You could even just paint it black. Black is the ULTIMATE statement wall that says, “Mmmhmmm! I GOT this!” sad walls, okay? Only happy walls that make you smile.

I’m gonna wrap this up now because honestly, I could literally go on & on....& on about my favorite boho things to do in your home... but I’ll end with this one. It’s super simple... and affordable. BOOKS! I literally love to use books in my decor. They INSTANTLY add history & intelligence to a space. And they look so cool turned backwards & stacked sky high! I love filling up an entire shelf to the brim with them or even style a simple vignette on a side table with a stack of 3. Go to the thrift store & start a collection. And BONUS... you’ll feel super smart.

So do you feel a little bit more empowered to have some fun in your space??? YAS! I KNEW you would! Let’s DO THIS! Now.... where’s my sparkly balls.....???????

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