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Tips on creating an earthy entry!

Are you a plant loving girl like me? Do love a good wood detail in a room or a space with a grounded, earthy feel? I know I do! I love opening my front door & getting that organic vibe from the first glance inside. If you’re thinking about sprucing up that entryway to create all those organic feels, here’s a few tips to get you started!

First things first... let’s see if you have a spot to put all your stuff when you walk in. We’re very fortunate to have a closet in our entry to hang up coats or put away shoes & backpacks into cubbies that we placed inside. But if you’re lacking in the closet department, never fear! Think about adding a storage bench to not only sit & put shoes on...but take them off & store inside. Beautiful straw or woven baskets in sets of 3 would make a nice global design statement & also hold all your goodies. You could also take an old dresser and give it an updated coat of paint, like this black dresser of mine. It makes the perfect place to be able to store your go-to items you need before you walk out the door. It’s also a great place to set a basket to throw your mail or keys into.


Next up, does your entry have a small nook or a lonely looking wall that could take a little TLC? Mine did! Our awkward entry is a small little area that was perfect for adding wallpaper on 2 walls to really give that little space big importance. The triangle pattern gives a boho element without being too taste specific. You could also do a dramatic paint color that’s unexpected but chic. Black is always my go-to color for a BIG statement feel and it brings a moody glam look to awall.


Another earthy element on our walls is pallet wood planks. The bottom half of the wall was a perfect place to bring in a wood application. I took a few pallets and used the wood from them to nail up directly to the wall. A hand saw and a nail gun made the job a whole lot easier! Then I gave the pallet wood a light white washing. An easy way to white wash is just simply take a little white paint and add just a touch of water to it. Then just swipe it right on with a paint brush. It’s a quick and easy way to brighten up the pallet wood. The wood really gave my entry another dimension of texture that feels so cozy & welcoming.
Another way to add an organic feel to your entry is by using plants. I’m kind of a plant-hoarder, myself. And entry is packed with beautiful philodendrons & cacti & palms. But if you’re feeling a little hesitation

 ....start with a snake plant! They can thrive pretty much anywhere & don’t mind being frequently ignored. Plants will instantly give your entry


a sense of serenity & importance. You’ll love the difference they make!

Let’s discuss the floor.... as in, rugs for the space. My entry is just big enough to have a 5ft. round jute rug that is just to-die-for-awesome ! It’s actually an indoor/outdoor rug that I found on Urban Outfitters also has a fabulous selection of interesting rugs. Choosing a rug with big personality really allows an entry to make that statement that gives your guests a sense of your taste. Make a HUGE statement here! Go for it! Why have a boring entry when you don’t have to?!!! This should be the giveaway to your guest that they’re walking into fabulousness...and they better be ready for it!

Most importantly, have fun with your entry. Do something new...something unexpected....surprise yourself! Pick out an awesome piece of art for the wall or a beautiful mirror to reflect a little light. You deserve to come home to a space that makes you so happy/proud to be there! No holding back!


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