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Summer is in full swing at the Streeter house & I must confess…summer is my FAVORITE time of year! I know that most people tout Christmas as the most wonderful season, and I totally agree! I LOVE me some Christmas, too! In fact, check out my @blissfully_eclectic Insta feed for some hard-core Boho-Christmas inspo because I DO NOT hold back! There are lights hanging from everywhere & I’ve got Christmas trees in every empty corner of our home! And my trees are covered in tiny dream catchers & beaded garlands & feathers & everything hippie-Boho-Chic. But this red-haired mermaid dreams only of warm temps & sun on her face and the smell of BBQ in the air! And if you’re diggin’ the sound of all that, then grab your SPF 30 & get ready to dress your backyard for some awesome picnics this summer.

Your list of things you’ll need to get your back yard spaces decked out is pretty simple and you’ll probably be able to shop your house for most of it…just like I did. First on that list…Pallets!

It may sound a little weird, but I have a stack of pallets that I’ve collected over time and I use them for all sorts of things. I’m using 4 of them stacked (2 on 2) for a make-shift table area. I threw an indoor/outdoor 8 by 10′ rug in an open area of our lawn & then the pallets got stacked on the rug. And that larger size rug is perfect so that you’re sitting on that instead of the grass.

Next I used was a 5 by 7 rag rug to throw over the pallets to cover the edges of the wood. The rag rug is thicker so it drapes nicely over the pallet wood & you won’t catch a knee or elbow on the wood. Then another faded vintage rug over top to add the boho feel to the tablescape. I also snuck a macrame table runner on there, too, that I scored at Home Goods! Layers are a MUST for all the hippie-glam feels.
Now all those goodies that I shopped my house for get to make their debut! A woven basket tray will get the star treatment with a gold candelabra & disco ball…. YAS!…I said disco ball!!! It’s not a party without one of those! Then I threw in a rock succulent planter in my basket tray that I found at Home Depot along with a couple of aloes to bring in more greenery.

Don’t sweat filling in your tablescapes! I use just about anything for that! Here I have some woven chargers & a piece of cut wood & a wooden serving tray to set my gold flatware on. And if you’re wondering, I splurged on a set of Nate Berkus flatware from Target because it just makes the table look so sparkly! My glassware is thrifted & I love how it adds a little depth to the table. One more detail that will make your tables look luxe…some white cloth napkins! I always keep them on hand for when guests come over because it adds that little touch of chic to the situation.

And did I mention fresh cut flowers??? I took a thrifted clay cup & put some fresh clippings from the hydrangeas in my yard to lend more earthiness to this business!

Guess what??! Now all that’s left is food & drinks of choice! And, of course, some furry floor pillows. Voila! It’s time to parTAY! Boholicious style! Enjoy your backyard and eat all the BBQ….with a side of Vitamin D!

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